Monday, 28 November 2016

Group Work

Miss Lenehan is in our classroom for 4 weeks to help us learn. Today we worked in groups to sort and match pictures to the correct season. We try our best to share and take turns.

Tom Parsons Comes to Visit

We had a special visitor last Friday - Tom Parsons from the Mayo team. Tom was a student in St. Attracta's when he was a young boy. He played football for the school team. He talked to us about the importance of working hard in all our lessons and trying our best.

Maths - Money

We have our coins and wallets out this fortnight for Maths. We are counting coins and making amounts. We are shopping - adding items together and paying using our coins.

Our Sound Walk

In Science, we are learning about 'Sound'. We went on a sound walk and recorded all the sounds we heard inside and outside our classroom.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Science - Teeth

We are learning about Teeth. We asked questions to get our investigation into teeth started.

What are teeth made of? What keeps them steady? What are gums made out of ? How do they get wobbly? How many baby/adult teeth do we have? 

Check out our amazing toothbrushes made from fabric and fibre!

History - Christopher Columbus

For more research, click on the following link.
Christopher Columbus

Maths - Odd and Even

It has been a busy fortnight in Rang a hAon. We are working on odd and even numbers. We enjoyed playing computer games for Maths for Fun on Friday. We are also working hard on subtraction and counting backwards.

Play the games at home too!