Thursday, 22 December 2016

Our Christmas Play

We enjoyed performing 'Scarecrows Christmas' for our family, friends and school friends this year. We worked hard learning our lines and songs and we did a fantastic job on the stage.

Sunday, 11 December 2016


Apollo 11 has landed in our classroom as we learn about Neil Armstrong and his landing on the moon.

Neil Armstrong

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Literacy Lift Off

For the past two months, we have been working hard on our reading and writing during our Literacy Lift Off hour. We were lucky to have four adults in the room to help us. We had 4 stations - Familiar Reading, Word Work, Writing and New Book.

Familiar Reading
Here, we read books that we have read before. We got to pick the books we wanted to read and to bring home.  

Letter and Word Work
 Here, we looked at the parts or chunks of words. We broke words up and put words together. We looked at word families - words that have parts that are the same.

Here, we wrote sentences.  We practiced our words first and then wrote our sentences.

New Book
Here, we read a new book. If we get stuck on a word, we know what to do. We looked carefully at punctuation e.g. speech marks, question marks etc. We answered questions on the story to show our understanding of it.

We finished Literacy Lift Off on Friday and gave our thoughts on it. We said a big thank you to Ms Connaghan, Mr McDermott, Mrs Sweeney and Ms Sloyan for all their help.  Mrs Reilly and Ms Lenehan helped us too.  They are very proud of our hard work.

Our Thoughts

Literacy Lift Off is fun. (RG)

I liked learning new things and reading books. (EMK)

I liked moving to different areas and trying new things. (DG)

I liked moving to each group because each group was fun. (OH)

I learned to express my voice when reading. Reading exercises your brain. (KC)

I learned how to read books. (KK)

I like the Familiar Reading station. (RL)

I liked Familiar Reading because I read those books before and I got to read them better. (SMG)

I liked all the new words that I learned e.g. lucky. (JC)  

I liked the Writing station because I learned to write better sentences. (ROC)

I liked the way we took turns reading – we had good teamwork. (SF)

I liked the Writing station because we wrote with markers and picked our own sentences. (BD)

I liked the Word Work because we got to come to the board and make words.  (ID)

I liked the Word Work because we learned about vowels. (BB)

I liked sorting the letters in Word Work. (AF)

I liked working with my team. (SM)

I loved the two reading groups. I liked meeting the same characters again and again. (DOC)

Reading is good for you. (KB)

Word Work is my favourite. (EH)

We learned how to break up words into chunks and put them back together. (CCL)

I like books. I learned to change my voice when I read to sound better. (KK)

We will be doing Christmas reading and writing activities this month and we hope to return to our group reading again in January.