Sunday, 26 February 2017

Spain Project

As part of Geography and our Green Schools project, we have been studying the country of Spain and how Ireland is linked with this country. We worked on topics such as weather, food, money, pastimes, festivals etc. and compiled all our knowledge to make a project. We invited our parents in to see it and to teach them all about Spain.

Science - Materials and Change

We were talking about the word 'mixing' this week and brainstormed words like baking, sauce, drinks, spoon, ingredients etc.

We looked at the colour wheel and the primary colours and experimented with paint to see what happens when we mix them. We made new colours and learned that these are called secondary colours.

We also looked at mixing water with other substances. We chose salt, sugar and oil.
We made sure it was a fair test by using the same amount of water, a spoonful of each substance and by mixing the water the same number of times.
We found that the salt and sugar mixed with the water but the oil did not - it floated to the top of the water.

Féile Scoildramaíochta

Ghlacaimid páirt sa Féile Scoildramaíochta i gCill Móbhí an seachtain seo caite leis ár dráma 'Na Trí Mhuc'.
It was our first time on stage outside of the school hall. We were excellent and have qualified for the next stage of the competition, in Galway, on March 7th. We are busy practising and trying to improve our play by speaking clearly and making our actions even better.
We are looking forward to our trip to Galway. 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Fairtrade Friday

Fairtrade has been our topic this fortnight. It is linked with our Green Schools theme 'Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste'.

Fairtrade is about the farmers in poorer countries getting a fair price for their produce. We are looking at products such as chocolate, cocoa, tea, coffee, honey, bananas, mangoes etc.

We are going to keep an eye out for the fairtrade symbol when we visit the supermarket.

On Friday, we tasted ice-cream with the fairtrade symbol. We know that the farmers who sold the cocoa beans for the chocolate icecream got a fair price for the beans. We are happy about that.

10 at 10!!!

For the past 10 days we have been doing 10 at 10 - 10 minutes of exercise at 10am. We walk, run, jump, skip, dance etc We enjoy the break between our lessons to get active!

On Friday Feb 10th, most primary schools in Ireland took part in 10 at 10 including us. We had stations set up and we had great fun getting active.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

PE - Athletics

Having fun running over hurdles.

Maths - Place Value

In Maths, we are working on 'tens and units'. We are counting in 10s to 100. We are making amounts using tens and units. We are adding tens to a number. Here we are doing station work.

Here are links to some place value games:

Fruit Shoot
Place Value Charts
Place the Penguins



Grandparent's Day

We were delighted to invite our grandparents to visit our classroom yesterday for Grandparents Day. It is a special day because it is a day where they can meet our classmates and see our classroom and school work. It is also a chance for us to ask them some questions about their school days. 

It was great to have so many grandparents visiting. At mass we said a prayer for all grandparents.

It was also St. Brigid's Day. We learned how to make St. Brigid's Day crosses.