Sunday, 5 March 2017

An Eggscellent Week!!!

We had a very busy and exciting week in Rang a hAon. It started with Pancake Tuesday where we were delighted to cook our own pancakes. Thanks to Rhys' mum for all her help.


Wednesday was our first swimming lesson from school. Although there were a few nerves, once we hit the pool, we had an excellent time. Our teacher was very happy at the way in which we listened to the lifeguards and organised ourselves before and after the lesson.

We arrived to school one morning to see a machine set up at the back of our classroom. Our teacher explained that it wasn't a 'pancake maker', as we first thought, but an incubator. On March 1st, Isabelle's dad visited, bringing eggs. We placed the eggs into the incubator and in 21 days, we hope that chicks will hatch out. The incubator takes the place of the Mammy Hen sitting on her nest of eggs. We are very excited!!!!

March 2nd was World Book Day. We dressed up as a book character or brought in our favourite book to show to the class.

We are also working very hard on our Dráma Gaeilge. We are competing in the Connacht Finals next Tuesday in Galway.

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