Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Active Schools Week

We start Term 3 with Active Schools Week. We have a different activity planned each day to get active.

Monday - GAA 

 We practised our solos and passing with our foot.

Tuesday - Golf

We were excited to use golf equipment for the first time. We putted and chipped in fun games.

Wednesday - Soccer

We practised our shooting skills. 

Thursday - Outdoor and Adventure

Friday - Basketball 

We received a certificate for getting more active this week. 

Our Chicks Diary - Part 2

Week 2: 
We are very happy to have the chicks in our classroom and take it in turns to care for them. We fill their bowls with chick crumb and water. We put down fresh paper in the cage. We check on them to make sure they are happy. 

In Art, we printed some Spring chicks hatching out of their eggs.

Week 3: 
Our chicks are getting very big and strong. We notice how their bodies, legs and wings are growing. We write about our experience of having the chicks in our classroom - the good and the bad!!!

We are getting our Easter holidays this Friday and the chicks are going on their holidays too. We had time for a cuddle before they left.

Week 5:
We are back at school after the Easter break. The chicks return to say a quick hello before going to their new homes. We got such a shock when we seen them as they have grown so much over the holidays.
We learned about the gizard - the part of their neck that breaks down their food - they don't have teeth like us for doing that.
We are grateful that 7 families are taking the chicks. We look forward to hearing about how they get on in their new homes.

 We thank Paul & his family for all their help with our project. It has been so much fun!!