Sunday, 14 May 2017

Féile Náisiúnta Buaiteoirí!!!!!!

An seachtain seo caite, there was great excitement when we received the news that we were buaiteoirí in the Féile Náisiúnta. There was a very special assembly where we celebrated the big win. Mr McDermott and Miss Sloyan thanked all the people who helped us along our way - all the staff and pupils in our wonderful school and our brilliant parents and families.

We were praised for all our hard work and for giving our best performance on the day. We are a very good team and are very proud to be All Ireland champions!!!! We deserved to give the pencils a rest for the afternoon and we had some golden time and a treat.  

Bronnadh Duaiseanna
4 children from our class travelled to Dublin to receive our prize at a special Prizegiving Ceremony. The following day, Fr. Johnston presented our whole class with our cup!!!!!
We also received a DVD of our performance. We enjoyed watching it and seeing ourselves on the screen!! Isabelle's mum baked us a fabulous cake with our picture and names on it. It was delicious and a lovely treat - thank you!!

Maths Subtraction

We have been working very hard on our subtraction tables the last few weeks and this week we are subtracting big numbers.

We played the Math Monster Subtraction game, where we had to answer sums to find the monsters.

Monster Subtraction

Subtraction Grids is a more difficult game where we must try and beat the clock.


The Swift

This week, Linda came to speak to us about the Swift. She explained that the swifts are in trouble as the numbers of swifts in Ireland are going low and she needs our help. We have swift boxes on the yard and she told us their purpose. The swifts like to have screaming parties and the boxes let out the noise of these screaming parties, hoping to attract swifts to the box. We hope this will happen in the next year or two. At the moment, we can find swifts at Charlestown Church.

From the talk and reading our Swift booklet, we learned a lot of interesting facts.

Swifts are very fast flyers.They can travel faster than a Ferrari.
Their eggs are tiny.
They have short legs.
They eat midgets.
There are swift nests at the back of the church in Charlestown.
They live in Ireland between May and August.
They fly to Africa in the winter.
The chicks are blind when they are born.
They are a similar bird to the swallow and the house martin.
Swifts only stop flying when they are in their nests. 
They eat, drink and sleep in the air.
They can live for about 21 years.

We can read more on the Swift Conservation website. We can also watch the swifts live at GMIT, Castlebar. 

GMIT Swiftcams

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Féile Náisiúnta

Tá an ghrian ag taithneamh inniu as we got on the road to Mullingar to perform 'Na Trí Mhuc' in the Féile Náisiúnta. Costumes in hand and props in the boot, we knew that all the hard work was done and it was time to show how brilliant we are.

We had performed our play a few times already and each time, we were getting more confident. We knew that we had to give our very best in the finals. And we sure did!!! All went well with our lines and actions. We were lucky to have our teachers and Mrs Sweeney helping us backstage to make sure everything went to plan. The moltóir had lovely things to say about our dráma. We received a trophy for taking part.

Our families were cheering us on, either in the audience or from home. We got the best surprise  when we arrived back at school to see all our muinteoirí and school friends outside to welcome us home. It made us feel very special. We know how proud our families and school are of us!!

As our múinteoir says 'It is a great achievement to get to an All Ireland final at any age but to do it at 6/7 years old, tá sé go h-iontach!!!' Maith sinn!!!!