Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Swift

This week, Linda came to speak to us about the Swift. She explained that the swifts are in trouble as the numbers of swifts in Ireland are going low and she needs our help. We have swift boxes on the yard and she told us their purpose. The swifts like to have screaming parties and the boxes let out the noise of these screaming parties, hoping to attract swifts to the box. We hope this will happen in the next year or two. At the moment, we can find swifts at Charlestown Church.

From the talk and reading our Swift booklet, we learned a lot of interesting facts.

Swifts are very fast flyers.They can travel faster than a Ferrari.
Their eggs are tiny.
They have short legs.
They eat midgets.
There are swift nests at the back of the church in Charlestown.
They live in Ireland between May and August.
They fly to Africa in the winter.
The chicks are blind when they are born.
They are a similar bird to the swallow and the house martin.
Swifts only stop flying when they are in their nests. 
They eat, drink and sleep in the air.
They can live for about 21 years.

We can read more on the Swift Conservation website. We can also watch the swifts live at GMIT, Castlebar. 

GMIT Swiftcams

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