Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The Eye Test

Today, two opticians, Síofra and Mairéad, visited our school to test our eyes. They only picked a few First Classes in the country to have the eye test so we are very lucky.

We talked about the experience:
I measured my eye with a special machine. Sienna
I got eye drops. Seán C
I was nervous about the eye drops because they can sting. Cathal
We had to read letters on a board– some were tiny. Emily
They had a special camera where they took a picture of our eyes. Marysia
We had to look at a red dot on the camera. Seán H
We got disposable glasses. These help us with bright light. Adam
We got stickers. Artiom
We measured our height and weight. Dylan
Our eyes are blurry – we find it hard to see our school work. James Mc
We wore two pairs of glasses – one had a patch on the left and the other had a patch on the right. Mischa
The orange pair was left and the green pair was right. James R
We had to read a flip book. James Mc 
I coloured a Halloween picture while we were waiting our turn. Jack
I coloured a picture. Amelie 
We add stickers to our pictures. Laoise

As our eyes are blurry and also, as a reward for all our help with the eye study, we have no homework. Woohoo!!! 

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