Wednesday, 31 January 2018

January Maths

We find things in our classroom more/less/about the same as 1 metre.


January - An Aimsir

January has been a busy month in our classroom. Our theme was An Aimsir and it was a great month for studying the weather as it was very changeable and interesting. We kept a weather diary and recorded wind, snow, sleet, cloud and rain. We learned about temperature and recorded air temperature in our classroom and yard.

Some of the interactive activities we used were:
Weather Report
Barnaby Bear Weather

We read a story called 'Whatever the Weather' and it inspired us to think about how the weather affects our lives. We wrote sentences on the activities we enjoy, 'whatever the weather'.

Another story we enjoyed was 'Lost and Found'. We read the story by Oliver Jeffers and watched the movie.

Lost and Found

Our Artwork