Tuesday, 24 April 2018

EGGSciting News!!

We are very excited about our new project - Hatching Ducklings.

Paul arrived to set up an incubator in our classroom. The incubator takes the part of the Mummy Duck and keeps the eggs warm. The temperature is similar to our body temperature, about 37 degrees Celsius. We checked our temperatures and we noticed we were slightly cooler than the incubator.

We added 10 duck eggs to the incubator.  The eggs cannot be washed as it can harm the shell and also the ducklings inside so we used gloves. We notice that the incubator moves back and forth. The Mummy Duck turns her eggs in the nest so the incubator does that job too.

The lifecycle takes about 4 weeks so we expect our eggs to hatch in the middle of May.

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