Sunday, 20 May 2018

Duckling and Chicks Diary Week 5

We have had a wonderful week, meeting our chicks and ducklings. We arrived Monday morning to cracked eggs, Tuesday to some ducklings and Wednesday to lots of chicks. We watched the chicks and ducklings hatch out of the eggs.

On Thursday, it was time for the chicks and ducklings to leave the incubator. We were so excited to hold them. They are tiny and fluffy. We can tell the difference between the chicks and ducklings as their beaks and feet are different. They must stay under a red lamp for a few weeks, to keep warm. We give them chick crumb and water to eat and drink.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

PE - Outdoor and Adventure Activities

We are doing outdoor challenges including a scavenger team hunt.

Duckling Diary Weeks 2 - 4

Week 2
We added 12 hen eggs this week. Chicks take one week less than ducklings to hatch out. We noticed that hen eggs were more of a peachy colour compared to the white/pale blue duck eggs.

 Weeks 3 - 4
We ensure our incubator is on and at right temperature. We fill it with water every 2 days to ensure there is moisture inside. We notice it going back and forth. Paul called to do 'candling' with us. This is where we look inside the egg. We use a dark box and a torch. We notice the air sac, a dark spot (duckling/chick) and veins.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Europe Day

Today is Europe Day. We are working hard on our Blue Star Project on Luxembourg.

Click on following link for activities on Europe. We like the flag memory game here in First Class.